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By 2008, Witchcross decided to record another album that would be entitled "Innocence And Evil", and released it professionally on cd, self-financed, and distributed through underground distros and local record stores. Many more live concert performances continued on a regular basis, though also once again the band began focusing more on other band projects and kinda slowed down, Count William once again drifted further into Ravensthorn, with the band playing out a lot more and becoming immersed in the band's "Horrors Of The Black Mass" album project and promotional live concert shows that went on for a few years at several studios before being released in 2012, though during this time Witchcross was still playing out live on a regular basis between Ravensthorn(heavy metal band) shows...

When Witchcross began the recording for 2014's "Crypt Of the Undead" album at Chicago's The Dead Room Studios with engineer producers Joe Duhr and Chad Elliott,and final mastering done by Sasch Machyne (of Mighty Monster Records-Germany). They wanted to properly capture the band's live sound, and they finally did. For once the band was 100% focused and also captured in a recording properly, and wickedly in the right way..

After a few years of promoting "Crypt of the Undead", Witchcross will be releasing their fourth album, "Cauldron In Satan's Shadow." It will be released this spring (2018) on Germany's Metalizer/Battle Cry Records. Another very heavy new Witchcross record is on the way!!!

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