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Self-Titled Witchcross

  1. Black Mary
  2. Final Day
  3. Together(We'll Get High)
  4. The Golem
  5. Scars
  6. Bad Trip
  7. The Ebony Clock

Innocence & Evil

  1. Darkness Eternal
  2. Depressed
  3. Dr. Satan
  4. Restless Spirits
  5. Still Remains the Storm
  6. Taste the Blood
  7. The Hag
  8. Vengeance of the Count

Crypt of the Undead

  1. Crypt of the Undead
  2. Restless Spirits
  3. The Eyes of Lucifer
  4. Curse of the Werewolf
  5. Walking the Path to Your Tomb
  6. Ride to the Sabbath
  7. Dawn of Eternal Night
  8. To Love a Witch
  9. Taste the Blood
  10. Among the Graves
  11. The Golem
  12. Mistress of Darkness
  13. Bad Trip

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Crypt of
the Undead.

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