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Witchcross is a long-running classic doom metal band from the Chicago area that has been putting on infamously macabre Horror Doom Metal shows for two decades, and whom lead singer Count William Jannusch, also known from another horror metal band, Ravensthorn, originated from and once again is focused more than ever on. Currently, they are set to release their next album "Cauldron In Satan's shadow" which is coming in Spring 2018, but their history is very fascinating.

Nocturnal Doom was a band formed by lead vocalist/songwriter Count William Jannusch in 1987, at the age of fifteen. The line-up changed several times before lead guitarist Dereck Anderson joined and the band recorded the "Shades Of Despair" album in 1991 with Dan Lamb-drums, and Gary Oakley-bass. After gigging all over Chicago and Indiana, playing all age metal clubs and roller rinks, the band developed a strong following. Soon problems with the line-up began again, and Dereck and Bill decided to hire a new drummer and bassist.

Soon after, the band recruited drummer Gary Pedersoli and bassist Roger Massey in the Summer of 1992, and the band changed their name to Witchcross. By the end of the year, they had a whole albums' worth of original material and were also playing a catalog of Ozzy era Black Sabbath classics live too.

In 1993, Witchcross recorded their debut self- titled album in a local college recording studio and heavily released it on professionally printed cassettes and later CDs. Then heavy live concert gigging began again.

Over the years the band continued to do shows all over the Chicago, IL. and Indiana area. Band members also split into other band projects over the years, while still regrouping to perform with Witchcross. Count William Jannusch did Ravensthorn(who went on to release three albums- "House Of The Damned"(2002-now currently re-released as a remastered edition cd-2015), "Hauntings And Possessions"(2004-Hellion Records-Germany(Hellion by a four day stay overseas for a two date festival concert performance in Germany in 2005), and "Horrors Of The Black Mass"(2012) –also available through Hellion and also in the years before that, Shadowlord(playing and recording regularly throughout the middle nineteen nineties, releasing a full album self titled cd in 2000). Dereck did: "The Devil Inside" and they released a very bluesy cd album. Witchcross always reunited and performed more concerts, as well as writing a myriad of new original material, and performing as a Black Sabbath tribute band at many other shows.

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